Other Resources


1. The New Yorker
A weekly magazine covering topics ranging from politics, arts, to science. 
 Excellent English writing. Does not have a science or technology section, but has occasional articles on these topics.

2.  TED
Short talks on a variety of topics by people successful in their  fields. An excellent resource to access new information and learn presentation skills. How these speakers present their research/ideas can be translated into your writing strategies as well.

3. http://research.iwillnow.org/project/bncrce/
Collocation Explorer detects collocations automatically using our licensed version of the British National Corpus.

4. Amstar Creative
分享許多英語學習資訊,例如: 基本英文文法線上教學影片(24則影片)、KK音標線上教學影片、真實會話與聽力練習、多元的好康英文資源(例:文法練習、英文自傳/履歷表/cover letter/business letter等各類寫作技巧、考試秘訣等)、容易混淆的英文單字與片語動詞下載(附真人發音)、及互動式的論壇等。

5. New York Times    
There are Sections such as Science, and Technology that tell good, latest stories/development in science and technology.

6. Frequently used phrases and sentence patterns compiled

     by Dr. 郭志華(Chih-Hua Kuo)

7. Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students   by Michael Alley

From the home page: “These guidelines for engineering writing and scientific writing are designed to help students communicate their technical work. To that end, these guidelines contain advice, models, and exercises for common writing and speaking assignments in engineering and science.” 


8. Freeware Programs for Writing By Dr. Laurence Anthony 


9. How to Write Technical Proposals (and many other useful lecture notes for technical writers) 

     By Dr. Celia M Elliott at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

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