What we believe…

As a graduate student, you are doing very important work that might have significant contribution to the world. It is through oral and written language that you share your research with the world. That is why learning to communicate in an academic language is essential in your graduate life. However, almost every graduate student (and even the professors) suffers from anxiety and writing blocks in delivering research products. This process is even more challenging and stressful when your research needs to be delivered in a foreign language. We believe that you can become a competent and successful writer in academic English through systematic guidance and individual consultation. Our mission is to provide supports and services to help you become an effective communicator in the academic community.

How we can help/support you…

●     Sequenced curriculum to guide you from an anxious novice to a confident

        communicator in academic language

●     Small class instruction

●     Plenty of opportunities to speak/write in academic English

●     Intensive interaction with peers and instructors

●     Knowledgeable instructors and consultants with experiences in academic writing and


●     Individualized consultation

What we offer…


1. Academic English Writing I
2. Academic English Writing II
3. Oral Presentation


 1.   One-on-one Writing Consultation
 2.   English Tables


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